Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Another Post w/ No Pic.

Just here to rant....

I haven't posted since November. Chin pointed that out to me yesterday. Am I a slacker? One can say so. Lol.

School starts tommorow, I dont have class 'till Thursday. Always bittersweet at the beginning of the semester. Im usually only excited for the beggining of school for the first 30-40 minutes of my first class. SMH.

I been working on alot of music, from beats to lyrics. I JUST started making beats so I'm still learning alot. I feel like I don't make enough music. But maybe thats because I'm the type of person that feels like if Im not 100% occupied I should be making music or at least thinking about it. But on the other hand, I'm not tryna force my music. Thats when mediocracy happens. Lol. Not a good look.

My blog doesn't look cool enough. But I draw blanks whenever I wanna re-format it. Tsk. My favorite blogs say 'powered by WordPress' at the bottom of them. Everyone I ask about WordPress NEVER wants to explain exactly what it is and how I get down with that movement. Lol.

Maybe if I had a cool internet friend or even real friend that would help me out, I'd be set. Idk man. Idk.

I'm gradually losing my interest in shoes. Or maybe the hypebeast that I thought never lived in me ... actually did... and just recently died. One will never know. All I know is, I haven't waited in-line or paid and outrageous amount of money for a pair of shoes that I will hardly ever wear in a while.

I wish my college had Mac tutors. I copped a Macbook and I'm not Mac saavy at all. Some dude at the Apple store gave me a link with a bunch of video tutorials, hopefully that helps. I also wish that the damn plug-ins I got for ProTools 7 would WORK! Better yet, I wish ProTools 8 would just release already. I heard from a reliable source that PT8 will be VST compatible. And I have a TON of VST plug-ins, with no use for em. Tsk Tsk.

Do they make Adobe Audition 3 for Macs? I gotta find out. I have that pretty much mastered. I can mix my vocals in that program w/ no prob. I honestly just dont know how to use ProTools, beyond the basic commands. The M-Box makes the vocals sounds amazing, I could just use that for now until I can take a class or watch the ProTools DVD that came w/ it 837 times.

Like I said. I'm just here to rant....

New blog format coming soon? Maybe.
Forgot about Dre? Never that. Lol.

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