Monday, February 9, 2009


My weekend goals=fail.

The Grammy's were pretty cool.
I spent most of the weekend in a bad mood. Plenty reasons.

OVO announced So Far Gone's release will be 2/12/09.
That leak of Ignorant Sh*t was pretty damn dope. Can't wait.
Expect a review.


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=Milli Millz= said...

They got in the car right, and Chris wanted 2 pull over to "Take Her Down" but Rihanna said "Shut Up and Drive" So he got tight cuz he didnt get any in "Forever". He tried 2 cut the radio off and she grabbed his hand sayin "Please Dont Stop The Music." This nigga Chris tried to act all "Super Human" and push her shyt away and cut it off she picked up an "Umbrella" and tried 2 hit him and he said "Gimme That." Then she bragged about how "Unfaithful" she was and this nigga said "YOOOOOO{excuse me miss}" & spazzed out n tried to choke her so she could have "No Air" now she gotta go 2 "Rehab"

na. dead ass doe.
i prolly wuda washed her up too.