Monday, February 23, 2009

Drake Interview

They had some pretty dope questions. Props to Eighty81.


chanel said...

you love drake!
ha, i can respect that tho cuz i feel the same, that was a good interview.
i can't wait to interview the guy, he seems mad humble, well-spoken, and about his business!

it's "fresh" that you've known of his greatness since comeback season [right?].

chanel said...

[in response...]
i meant room for improvement with come winter and decieving [those are my favorites]. lol. i just didn't remember the order, but yeah, he's definitely improved. he's just gonna get better as he continues. i hope he becomes huge mainstream, sheeit we love him.
[i only know one person that doesn't like his stuff, he's a rapper too. ha.]

chanel said...

lol. word.
just hit me at logococo.
we'll talk more. and i'ma visit your myspace now.