Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Plies Ruins First Dates.

So, I was reading Photowill's Blogspot. He had a post about his rendition of absolutely integral rules for a first date. They were kinda interesting, but way too look for me to copy and paste. Not that it's impossible, just way too long. No one wants to read a book on a blog. But anyway... as I was reading through, I came across a HILAROUS rule. And I quote:

"11) Make sure you have suitable music, if its your first date, you might not wanna play any k-ci and jojo, r.kelly, or PLIES! lol"

HAHA, I about died laughing. Not that it was such a great joke or anything, but Plies is from right across the bridge where I live. And he gets no respect around here. But it's just funny that he doesn't in Canada either. Haha.

BTW. If you dont know who Photowill is... He's the guy Drake mentioned on 'Still Fly'

"Shoutout to PHOTOWILL/ Shoutout to Oliver & 40 man, you know the deal!"

1 comment:

chanel said...

lmao. of course you wouldn't play plies on a first date.
plies is wackkkkkkkk and he always talkin about the same nasty shit.

nice blog, im gonna follow you. feel free to return the favor. =].