Monday, February 23, 2009

Too Much Trust...

Sorry, but umm... no way I'm letting Weezy tat me up. Never.
Peep how Weezy is sippin' drank and smoking treefer.
Bad move Tyga.


Pro's Hood said...

__________________________*flatlines @ treefer. Why hate on my nigs Weezy? id let him tatt me up while on a cup of that lean :0)id have to be leaning too doe... Dead @ tyga he like a Subway wall anyway he doesnt have room for something big

chanel said...

seems like everyone's a tattoo artist now, lol. [well weezy and travis of gym class heroes.] i'd let travis mccoy do my tattoo just because i've actually seen his artwork, but never have i seen/heard of lil' wayne being all artsy and whatnot. but hey, who knows? i ain't wit it! not even just weezy, no1's tattin up my body while drinkin and smokin... especially my face.
tyga's got oh-dee tattoos tho so i guess he don't really care... and where could u go wrong with three dots? lol.