Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swagger Like Who?

I was JUST thinking about this today. And I ran across a statement of T.I saying pretty much the same thing. Before I go any further, here's the quote:

“That word ‘beef’ is used too loosely, to me. ‘Beef’ is kind of like
’swag.’ People just throwin’ that word around,” T.I. said. “To me, man, if I
don’t mean you no harm, we can’t be beefin’. If I see you, and I don’t attack
you, it ain’t no beef, and vice versa. Everything else is just entertainment to

The word swagger has become EXTREMELY cliche. So much so, that I almost will not like a verse if the word is used. You got EVERYONE trying to convince you that their swag is the illest. Swag is to 2009 as Spreewells are to 2001. Damn shame. What do ya'll think though?


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Diz! said...

I agree, guy! I realized that as well. I stopped using the word for that very reason.