Sunday, March 22, 2009

A Thousand Words (ReBlog)

I found this vid on my homegirl Maria's blog. It's pretty cool. I like stories like this. Scales life down to the small things that make people feel good. Anticipation is one of the keys to happiness, I believe. A lot of time, I feel like I enjoyed anticipating something more than the actual reception of the event/object. That's just me though. You can get plenty of different things from vids like this. Check it out.


Maria said...

this video clearly portrays how important it is to take advantage of the opportunities we are presented with, to not hesitate and take action when it calls for it, or we might regret things forever... im glad you liked it too ;)

Diz! said...

Wow! This video definitely inspired the eff out of me. Kudos to the two of you for the post. .:chuckles:. I said "kudos".

One love!