Friday, April 24, 2009

Can Ash Live?

Is this a big deal to me? Hell no! Now let me explain:

First of all, if you're not familiar with the Don Imus/Rutger's female basketball team it.

Ash had an appearance scheduled yesterday at Rutgers and prior to that he posted the above status on his Twitter. After a couple minutes and (im sure) a few @replies complaining about it... he took the status down. He realized that it could possibly cause unwanted attention and did what any smart person with a debut album in stores would do.

Was this a racist comment? No. It really wasn't. Was it a stupid thing to say? One might say so. But biggest of all.. does it f*cking matter?!

All these homo ass mofo's that took a screenshot of the status in the 2.5 minutes that it was even available for viewing are attention seeking pricks. Period.

Go to a predominently black high school and/or gathering for that matter and listen to one of the conversations. I can assure that you will hear some of the most racist shit ever about white people. It's the neverending double standard. Most black people think its completely okay to say sly racist shit about white people or Latinos or Asians with no recourse. But the moment someone that's not black says something that even REFERS to being black, its a problem. Nappy headed hoes? How is that racist? Listen to a rap CD and tell me you dont hear 'white bitches' at least once. But Eminem says 'black bitch' on a song in 1980-something and people flip out. People just really need to get over that shit. Point blank.

I been meaning to post something that I actually care about and had a point to it recently. This was perfect. *adjusts To-Do list*

Let Ash live. Damn.


CalebkDesign said...

Amen man, if you let something get to you, then there's something to get at you.

I feeeeel ya

Mouf Milly said...

Racist comments are never a go though unfortunately. Nobody is a comedic about the subject as us - it goes back to people being too touchy in society.

Theres people out there who just dont laugh a little - take shit as a joke. The same motherfuckers that are walking about criticizing everyone - are the ones making such comments a big deal.

I would have looked at that comment and thought nothing of it to be honest.

Diz! said...

Ahh. I like this post, guy! Very profound.

If I would have saw him post that, I would immediately have known he did it for a reason. I heard about Imus' reference to the Rutgers' female players, and that upset me. But Asher is in a genre of music dominated by Afro-Americans, so anyone with common sense would have done their research before assuming he was being racist.

That being said, Asher should know he would receive negative attention for posting that.

SMH! We're all human..

Andre said...

Yeah, for sure.

In all reality I agree that publicly joking about a touchy subject isnt the smartest thing to do...

But to just jump to calling dude racist?


opposite of Scorpion.