Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yeezy Gear?

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Drizzy in a Love Lockdown button-up, and 'Ye in a Love Lockdown tee.
I pretty much need... BOTH! I dig the song, not as much as before it started getting played, but i still dig it.

Anyways. Didn't do much yesterday. Work, B-Hood, then Class.
Copped these at b-hood:


JaeDeUno said...

Yeah I seen that pic of Drizzy yesterday. - Thought the same thing when I saw it. and Don't look now but the CDP IV's ::oh snap::

And get ready for murderness this weekend on the Fantasy Front. DOUDIG?! - This means I'ma hafta blog sir.

superduperkya said...

nice vans boo!
kanyes shirt is tough.
& drake <3